Learn To Make the Most Out Of Your Sweepstakes Entries

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that winning a sweepstake is all about getting lucky. And while that is true to some extent, luck is not the only thing that defines your sweepstakes’ wins. You need to think smarter than every other entrant to improve your odds. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your sweepstake entries.

Smaller Prizes over Bigger Ones

One thing that often attracts people towards a sweepstake is an incredibly massive or expensive prize. However, these sweepstakes only have one definitive winner. Combined with a longer date and a single entry, your chances of winning that larger prize is very slim. So, you should always look for a sweepstake that gives more than one prize, which can increase your odds of winning.

National Vs. Local Sweepstakes

National sweepstakes are very easy to come by, which often means that they already have plenty of entrants. On the other hand, you have local sweepstakes that are relatively shorter and lesser- known, making them a great choice as you have a higher chance of winning. Now that is not to say you shouldn’t participate in national ones; after all, you can get lucky sometimes. Nonetheless, we suggest that you focus more on local ones.

Set Reminders for Specific Sweepstakes

Some sweepstakes have very straightforward entry criteria. All you have to do is fill in your name and information, and you have entered. That said, some sweepstakes require you to enter more than once to rack up points. And since most people only sign up once and move on, you have the chance to pile up your chances of winning. Therefore, set reminders to notify yourself of when you should be sending in another entry, whether it be in a day, week, or a month.

Check Out Sweepstake Listings

Another way to make the most of your sweepstake entries is to check local sweepstake listings. These sites are updated very often, so you will be able to find new listings and stay on top of your game. The best part about listings is that you can filter them as you like and choose the sweepstake that you would like to enter into. It’s simple, easy, and can save you a lot of time.

Read the Rules

It is always important that you read the rules before getting into a sweepstake. Not all sweepstakes are for everyone, and some of them have specific entry criteria. Therefore, you should make it a habit to read the terms and conditions of each sweepstake. These rules also ensure that the entry you send actually makes it till the end, seeing how close to 20% of all entries get ruled out because of not following the rules.

You should always make sure that entering sweepstakes is not a waste of your time. And with these few considerations, you can make the most out of your sweepstake entries, and improve your odds to win.